Wir glauben an die Kraft virtueller Charaktere und Universen für Marken.

Sag hallo zu @joi.xyz! Einer unserer ersten virtuellen Ersteller.

Sehen Sie sich an, wie wir Communitys rund um virtuelle Charaktere für Gen Z und Alpha aufbauen.

Why do brands need Virtual Characters?

You can easily scale content: Virtual Influencer content can be translated into many languages with just one click, don't need external creators or content studios, can go directly from idea to execution, etc.!

Getting out your ideas! Producing content with Virtual Influencer in virtual environments offers whole new possibilities in storytelling & visualization.

IP & Ownership! Finally you own the hosts of your social channels. Compared to „real life creators“ you got: No scandals, No Buyout Costs, No Competitor Problems. etc.

It’s virtual! Gen Z & Alpha spend more and more time in the virtual world. So you need to build a community a virtual character if you want to stay relevant.

Connect to the traditions world: Who says you can’t also use your virtual character for DOOH, social ads, print or even sponsoring a ride at Europa Park?

We are the studio behind first-mover virtual character projects.

We are hosting regular webinar-sessions from our “Virtual Garden“ where we give you insights on the possibilities of virtual characters! (it’s free) 30 minutes per session. limited slots. Apply here:

Session: Virtual Influencers Basics (30 min + Q&A) 12th of October, 2022

Learn more about the current state of Virtual Influencers and how brands use them.

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With our in-house team
of storytellers who know what is state of the art and 3D artists with a creative soul, we make virtual characters and worlds relevant.

We are creative technologists & tech-minded creatives


Basic Workshops & Deep-dives with our team to get a deeper understanding of Virtual Influencers, the current technological development and use-cases for brands.


We develop individual Virtual Character Strategies & Concept for your brand and find out how you can use this technology for your individual goals.


Development of content strategies & formats based on Virtual Characters for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Discord & Immersive Experiences.


Through our in-house team we help you setting up a virtual character tech-stack and even produce virtual content you can you on your channels.


We are building a universe of owned & operated Virtual Characters and let your brand enter these communities.

And can also connect you with more VI’s from our network.


We help you develop

Want to learn more about us and virtual character?

Or just write us directly…

Urs Meier /  Head of Client
+49 1722760373
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